Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 for a dime, 2 for a nickel

I was so proud of my brother yesterday—he peacefully submitted to the sacrifice of his hard-earned summer Saturday upon the Altar of Grandparents. While I helped Nana put up 8 quarts of peaches (dear me, the amount of sugar God put into that fruit…just amazing) Mike watched V, which is no small task. The little darling wants to “walk” everywhere, all the time, but requires an adult hand to help him along. This is tiresome.

Anyhow. After all that fun was done, we headed to the other grandparents’ for a birthday party, complete with doggies, tomato harvest, and a ride in Big Daddy’s chair. Full days, man. I’m just fried at the end of every single one of them. Whew.