Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Barely, but alive. Spent three fun weeks with my family, a week on the road, enjoyed a GREAT wedding, came home, dealt with computer crash, and am now simply awash in a sea of anti-Church sentiment on the discussion board. It was bound to come up but, good gracious, you’d think that in a discussion of rationality there would be more, well, reason. They can quote the one article we were assigned quite happily and not come up with quite the scads of information attacking Catholicism—but no, they’re delving deep into long-forgotten upbringing, the DaVinci Code, and whatever they’ve read about abuse scandals, and dumped it all down in the form of an “academic” discussion.

Blah. But I’m a week behind in posting because of the trip, I have to say something, and it had better be pretty damn good. No pressure.

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