Thursday, August 19, 2010

Original Work

Going through the reams of information they want me to fill out in order to register V in the childcare programs on base. The good news is, once I've done it, it is done forever. The bad news is, I'm not really sure its worth the effort. Still, everyone says it is a good idea to have that backup, "just in case." I can imagine a couple just in cases, so here I am. It feels like an application to be a federal judge or something. Bureaucracy. Sigh.

Also in today's news, my brother was born today. Twenty one years ago. I am getting old.

Not much else happening. I got a 95% on my bibliography for class, which made me relax considerably. I have tons of work to do, including but not limited to reading a stack of books taller than my son, but I think I can handle. Joseph says I'm overthinking this entire class experience, that I'm doing fine, and that I need to relax. He's probably right, but the bar feels so high anyway.

Speaking of highs and lows, I'm freezing my stinkin' accessories off in the house this morning--never, never understand my complains about late afternoon heat to imply that the a/c doesn't work. It works. It works wonders. We have to wear robes and slippers and hats until about noon every day--but no amount of "it works" can compete with nature. By 2pm, its 76 degrees and counting. Thus, no altering of the thermostat to save those early morning tootsies. We suffer in silence.


  1. That's my lil Vincent?! Whoah! He's growing so fast! Still cute though. ;)