Monday, May 24, 2010

In Real Time

I took this photo, literally, a minute ago. The webcam is an awesome and powerful entity. My child is part Mynock (google it, people--it's a Star Wars thing) and so the kitchen benches are now playing defense for the University of Keep the Baby Out of the Power Cords. I'm behind the line and he wants to come over here. I do not comply with the repeated grunts of request, and so he stays mad at me. However, since the strong association of Gramma comes with the sight of the webcam, I got a huge smile from him when I pulled it out, even though the standard face from beyond the defensive line is, well, "pissed," to use a local expression.

Forgot to mention yesterday that I "discovered" (Thank you, Michael!! I love you, man!) Grooveshark on Friday. Oooooooh lah . I love it. You should discover it, too.

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