Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Briefest Possible Outline of My Day

Wake; drink juice; check news; retrieve now awake child; put cat food back on floor for starving pet; change child; shower; dress; change child again; load car; forget books; go back for books; awful base traffic; Morning Colors; awful base traffic; promotion ceremony; DEERS; feed baby; rain; lawn & garden center; "How can you not have hammers in a tool department?"; main exchange; realize forgot cookies; missed phone call; feed baby; rush from main exchange; terrible base traffic; stuck behind a 7-ton; Combat Engineers School Officer's Course Graduation Ceremony; rain; lunch; feed baby; education center; back to house; rain; change baby; change baby again immediately; start laundry; return phone calls; teach 1 lesson; baby bust gums on coffee table; cancel second lesson; blood; crying; less blood; change baby; feed baby; leave soundly sleeping baby in his bed; frog in house; out of trash bags; reschedule lesson; wait for dishwasher to finish.

And yes, writing a blog post just seemed like the thing to do at this juncture. Thank you very much.

1 comment:

  1. Visit Betsy; rain; C-store?; spouses social; pass off baby; home; SLEEP, right? :-P Thanks for stopping by!!!