Sunday, May 23, 2010


Again. So, no spouse at home means an extra day all to myself. Yuk.

We went to the airshow yesterday, all of us with my dad and my brother. It was pretty good fun, despite my brining home a souvenier pair of very sunburnt calves and us walking nearly three [needless] miles to find the car because I took us into the wrong parking lot. The shows were good, my little boy was very brave and didn't mind any of the loudest noises, though the effect of prop-driven aircraft doing performance maneuvers was not his cup of tea. Very hot, very sunny, very much the stuff of my memories growing up. :) During the Blue Angels show, part of the announcer's bit is detailing what aircraft the team has flown over the years--this is their 24th season flying the F-18, which is the longest they've flown any single aircraft since they began in the 1940s.

My dad turned to me and said, "Wow! Jen, we took you to one of the first shows during their first season flying the F-18. It was such a big deal!" Terriffic. I'm like, about 85 in airplane years.

Also this weekend, I'm broadcasting from my "home base" once again. Dad brought his bag of tricks and nuked the hard drive on the desktop ("my" computer), brought it back to life, and has it all functioning again. It's nice to have my electronic space back, though I won't keep it for much longer, I don't think. Despite being new and clean, I think I want something smaller, with fewer cords for my baby to go after.

Child is awake. Goodbye.

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