Friday, May 07, 2010

First Friday

Hmm. Lots of things going on this week and last week. Besides poor Snug, I had Joseph down with strep throat, and V down with extreme post-vaccination crankiness. This week, my mom and sister had a very close call with a kitchen fire, so there's been all the long-distance participation in the aftermath of that. Cleaning of curtains, cleaning of dishes, solemn burial of stove and coffeepot, and of course much email of pictures so I can really get the full experience. They've been pretty brave about it all...not fun to come upstairs and find that, rather than minding its own business, the handle of the teakettle decided to melt itself into a stupor, touch the burner, and go all roman candle on everybody.
This week, less of interest. The piano student scene underwent some dramatic shiftage, which ended me with an almost identical schedule but two students PCSed and two new ones on the roster. Interesting. I double booked two of them, though, for next week so I have to make a phone call. Which I am putting off. I am not a good businesswoman.

Also this week, the "sinful side" of my baby, which Fr. Logan assured me at Easter would come out much sooner than I expected, is showing itself. Mr. Baby now knows that he can resist things being taken away, that he can cry or scream if I give him something he doesn't want (as an exchange for the dangerous/dirty/otherwise inappropriate item I took away), he can throw things, and that he generally can have an influence on his surrounding. It does not bode well for the coming 16 years or so. I'm already worn out and I opened the last can of Patience this morning.

But then, occasionally, he sleeps.


  1. CHICA!! Check out my blog Friday (May 21) - I left you a present :-P