Monday, August 07, 2006

Last time, I promise

I have now redone my sidebar for the last least until Christmas, which is when I'll next have enough minutes to devote to an exhastive cross-referencing and link-following expedition. I think all the Blog Links work now. I think they are all linking to current, working blogs. I'm probably a little a-r about doing this, but I have this dreamish thing about having the most links from my blog. I'll never get there, but it's fun to try. It think it's because I'm short.

This is my last update of this nature, because in just four days I start stage one of my fall semester, most of which will be spent studying (boo!) in Italy (yay!). I hope to take a little bit of time to blog, but can't promise anything. Since I would hate to fall short on that hope totally, and have my faithful viewers (of which I think there are two on this Earth) checking in vain for updates, I devised a sidebar solution. I linked to every interesting and happy, good-contented (shut up) blog I could find. When there is nothing new from me, I demand that you go and check out one of these blogs. They are all very good. I personally know about 86% of those that write these blogs. The few others, well...I had them on good authority. (-;

So. Just in case I don't come back for a couple months, there's plenty left for you to do. Viva Christo Rey!

p.s. I took that picture. I'm so good. You may kiss my shoe.


  1. I'm one of the two! When you don't post, it makes me sad. Sometimes I cry.

    Are you coming to campus before Rome? Please say yes! Pleeeeeaaaase say yes!!!! *Jumps up and down like a very excited and hopeful small fry*

  2. Yes, Jenne. In fact, I'll be there Saturday.

    I'll be waiting for you with open arms.


  3. With most of you in Roma, I'm guessing blogland is going to be very boring between now and xmas.

  4. Jenne will be here. She's much more fun than me.

  5. Lovely blog, Jen. I have no idea what it has to do with the radio or midnight, but still lovely. Very simple and elegant color scheme too, not drab at all.

    I only have one suggestion. In the interests of preserving English as much as possible in the USA, I suggest "Long Live Christ Our Sovereign King!" as an equitable if not superior translation of viva Christo Rey!" Granted its not as snappy as the Spanish, but will sound nicer once all Americans begin to drink tea. Cheers!

  6. Peachy! You're alive! You still know how to use the internet! You're compy hasn't been destroyed in an intergalactic war! You haven't lost the use of your fingers!

    Now blog! He he he. I love being a tyrant. Sorry Jen, this should be an e-mail, not a comment, but I'm too lazy for that.

  7. PEACHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gasp. I am actually He's alive!!! He's alive, he's alive he's alive!

    All grace, honor, majesty, and everlasting reign to our glorious King and Saviour!!!