Thursday, August 10, 2006

I never thought it would happen to me.

But it has. I have a confirmed lurker, that I actually identified and have seen more than once, and who stayed for more than the average 32 seconds on my blog. Who was looking for information about Chorus. And got me instead. It's the case of The Berkeley Lurker! Hmm. I wonder what kind of nutrition a Berkeley needs, and what it is doing in the Office of the President.

In other news, somebody without a sense of humor chose to try and carry out a terrorist plot involving airplanes, Britain, and the US. So, my flying on Saturday is going to get complicated. I just hope to goodness that the "no hand baggage" rule doesn't come into play here like it has in England. That would involve us all in irretrievable ruin. (No, it wouldn't. The quote just fit nicely there. I would only cause minor inconvenience and some whining.)

Two days until the start of the next week and a half.


  1. So, uh, leave the waterbottle at home okay? And try not to look sinister or suspicius. (I did NOT spell that right)

  2. "Freeze!"

    Meredith does so, hypnotized by the ferociously bright searchlight that is beaming down on her.

    "Ah, more Berkeley spies trying to hack the Chorus website!"

    Hanging her head, Meredith promises to take off her black, radar-repelling lurker burka and walk in the light from now on.

    See you next week Fidelio! (Unless you're in Rome?)

  3. Oh! I see. HOwdy! (-: See you next week.