Friday, March 03, 2006

Sidebar shmidebar.

Incidentally, I'm compiling a list of interesting Yiddish word which, on occasion, our New Testament professor will teach us. I like.

Made a couple additions to the sidebar, folks. Also (just in case you haven't noticed), the "fab six" (which was originally like the fab four, or maybe three) of Fiddleback Fever have officially disbanded and gone their seperate cyberways. However, Fiddleback remains on blogger as an archive, and you can still visit to read the old stuff. I do. It's really fun.


  1. Yeah, now that Fiddleback has been archived I'm going to have to change my morning cyber-routine.

    Mom is talking to the bird.

  2. At the moment, no. But he will give us a full run through of his stored commentary later. :)