Monday, March 06, 2006

Obscure Saint of the Day

St. Baldred...

a Celtic Bishop of Strathclyde, b. about 643; d. at Aldhame, Haddingtonshire, about 607. He is said to have been the immediate successor of the great St. Kentigern, or Mungo, the fo9under of the See of Glasgow, Scotland. Like St. Kentigern, he was of Irish ancestry, but is reckoned as a British saint, inasmuch as Strathclyde was part of Britain. The chronology of the period when he flourished is somewhat obscure, but the best authorities on Scottish history agree that St. Baldred was born towards the middle of the sixth century. Previous to his consecration, St. Baldred had ;laboured for many years in Strathclyde, and had founded numerous houses for monks as also for holy virgins in addition to the churches of Aldhame, Tyinguham and Preston Kirk. Owing to the disturbed state of the kingdom, he was forced after a short rule to retire from the spiritual government of the Strathclyde Britons as also happened to his predecessor.


  1. Very interesting. Just one question. how could he be born in 643 and die in 607 if he live in A.D.??

    (Danni ducks as angrily thrown textbook hurtles toward her head)

  2. You can't trust the liberal media, Dan. I've got to go and find out my facts for myself.

  3. Okay I looked it up. He was born in 543.

    You're NOT the liberal media!!!!