Friday, March 17, 2006

Beware the Ides of March

You're good now. If something was going to happen on the Ides of March, it would have happened Wednesday, 'cause that's when they were.

I love break. I love the feeling of not having an exam to study for. I'm free! Only one class stands between me, freedom, and a fourteen hour road trip with my family.

That's not strictly true, actually. Actually, I'm recording a CD tomorrow afternoon, along with all the talented people in the choir. They just keep me in to ensure that I stay humble, because they're all real good and I stink.

More on this later. Maybe. Probably not, as the van is not internet-equipped.


  1. [::whacks Fidelio with cane::]

    False humility not allowed. Please check it at the door.

    I'd get people to give testimony to the reverse, but I would probably just encourage pride. And y'already have enough of that.


    Bowman the Black
    Vacationing Blogger

  2. Hey Jenn!!

    I did it. Look out world! Whimsey's a red belt now! Whoopee!