Thursday, April 19, 2012


Some women dye their hair. I change my blog. It's a bad habit, or something.

Please note that I have moved and changed many things. No one who is "gone" need fear! I pretty much went with a most-often-updated-stays rule for clearing the blog list. I don't hate you.

I added many new things, all of which have to do with adoption. I started haunting adoption sites long before I met Leila, and often spent time crying/fretting/fuming over the fate of so many children who wait in foster care or institutions. We had friends growing up who fostered infants while their adoptive families' home studies were being completed. It's a thought often on my mind.

Leila introduced me to a whole new world of adoption stories to cry/fret/fume over: children from foreign countries who are disabled. Despite all our really dreadful problems here, those who are already born have a pretty good quality of life in the United States. Not so in Eastern Europe, Asia, and parts of South America. So I've linked to a bunch of family blogs from those who have adopted or are adopting a child from one of those places. Those who aren't in a position to adopt children themselves (like me) can pray, observe, donate, or simply spread the word.

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