Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Takes

1. Yes, citizens, sometime in the next few days I will again party party in commemoration of my birth.  This year is a fun one because it's what I call the "half birthday," not in the traditional sense, but meaning this is the year that I am half my mother's age.  Not to tell her age on the internet or anything, but since I was born on her birthday (how thoughtful of me) it's fun to be exactly the same age she was when she had me.  And by exactly, I really can say exactly.

2.  You can still win an iPad by going to this Catholic family's blog and following the instructions.  As far as I'm concerned, the "giveaway of cool things" is the most awesome way to raise money for a cause that I can think of.  Someone donates an item and gets to feel good, people get to enter a contest virtually for free and possibly win something they want, the beneficiary gets (a) air time and (b) some dough.  Yes.  And you WIN AN IPAD.

3.  I was intensely amused by this headline: "Hawk Steal's Playboy Playmate's Puppy."  Inappropriate, you say?  But it's so darn funny!  I envision her staggering around the yard in her high high heels, wailing in terror but unable to dial 911 because her nails aren't dry.

4.  I was not amused by this headline: "CISPA Passes in the House."  This is like the Patriot Act, only bigger/worse/different/broader.  This time the ostensible restriction to "behavior or information related to terrorist activity" doesn't exist.  Now it's just information sharing for the sake of sharing.  Le sigh.

5.  I was very amused by two new sites this week.  Everyone on Facebook knows I really like to read Failblog's various incarnations, especially FailBook.  Now I can add to my list a page of really terrible reviews, and a page of people being confused by the Onion

6.  My leetle boy is over six weeks old now!  With V, time passed quickly but I still felt like those early months dragged on.  Would he ever sit up?  Would he ever quit barfing?  Now I'm going "Wait!  Slow down!"  This is terrible.  I'm turning old.  As soon as he gets that massive head under control, he plans to crawl.

7.  Yes, I'm still working on that same class.  Blessed thing, since it's on World War II I am able to use sources and knowledge that I already have.  The next project due is a bibliographical sketch, and being the awesome magnificent thing that I am, I actually have a photocopy of the man's actual battle journal to work off of.  I held it in my hands.  I thumbed through it.  (Ok, in the interests of honesty and fairness, my very awesome husband actually went and pulled the file and found the stuff for me after I told him who to look for, then he made the copy even though I told him he didn't have to do that.  But he did and he's cool and now I'm glad he did it because I'm not going to get back to the archives as soon as I thought I was.)  He's a cutie, no?


  1. Thanks for the links to those websites! The onion one has tears running dowm my face. My stomach is hurting from laughing so hard! I needed that.

  2. Hey, he is cute. Those high collars always did great things for men.