Saturday, February 18, 2012

Take Note

Please see the very cute picture of a baby to the right.  Over there.  --->

Do click on it and participate in the 40 Days for Life event/events that are taking place via new media.  Some of us don’t live near an organization or a venue to physically take part, so prayer and online participation are the next best thing.  So, go clicky!!

In other news, I’m still up to my moustache in school projects, but I’m almost done.  The last piano lesson was on Wednesday, there are two papers left to write (but no further forum essays), baby is due in three weeks, and life is very good.  I just have to read all these books that I said I was going to read in order to write the awesome paper I said I was going to write.  That’s the whole trouble with a significant assignment that includes a topic proposal.  You have to meet your self-set awesomeness factor with deliberation and some advance planning, instead of just coughing up a hairball at the last minute and going, “Look!  I made a magical essay that’s beautiful and exactly what I intended from the start!”

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