Saturday, July 02, 2011

Seven Late Takes

No graphic today, because I missed Fulweiler’s link party from yesterday.  Oh well.  I still have seven things, so here they are.

1.  Yesterday we drove to State College, to spend the weekend with Joseph’s family.  Thus the lack of Friday takes.

2.  It is humid and gross in Pennsylvania, but God at least blesses the land with a breeze and a cool down in the late evening.  No such luck back at home.

3. We got a notice that they might be digging up all the rest of the 80s-era oil drums that are buried beneath the houses on our street.  They removed one on the corner this spring because it was leaking (these were for heating oil back when that’s how the the winter warmth was obtained), after a soil quality survey came back unsatisfactory.  End of story—they moved the family out of the house altogether because the seepage was worse than originally reported.  The notice on my door yesterday said that a renewed regimen of soil quality tests would be run to find out if other drums are deteriorating.  Fabulous.

4. Class starts Monday, hurrah.  There’s just one half left to go…plus either a dissertation or comps.  Which would you do?

5. My son was mean and pushy with his 10-month-old cousin all day, until the last 10 minutes.  Then he picked up the bottle when it was dropped, handed it back to the baby, and tried to cradle his head while stuffing the goods back in his little mouth.  Awwwwww.

6. I need a nap.  I have driven 1,978 miles in the last 20 days.  Geez louize.  I thought I was done with all that during the epic, 19,000 mile summer of 2009.

7.  I feel a need to buy a lottery ticket.  Is that meaningful?

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