Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cheap Thrills.

So, I mentioned a while ago that I was watching The Office.  You knew that.  But it’s paused now (I still don’t understand the TV sitcom filming schedule, nor what the term “seasons” actually translates to in real life.  Why are they all different lengths?  Why don’t they start and end at sensible times?), so I have been watching other things.

Like Hoarders, on A&E.  I mentioned that one before, too, about people who lose their minds and have a mental condition where they keep all kinds of stuff.  It usually means a house piled to the ceiling with unworn clothing, unwashed dishes, un-fixed animals (which, according to the hoarder, inexplicably keep having babies?  go figure), and garbage.  This show grosses Joseph out.  Like, he’d rather hear about people not washing their hands after using the bathroom.  (I jest.)

But I like watching it, and unlike the shows that Joseph enjoys, there are no extraterrestrial and otherwordly, bizarre, imagination-based drug trips that can give a girl bad dreams at night.  For example, what does Joseph watch?  Star Trek: Enterprise. 


Pretty good show, I enjoy watching it with him.  It has this guy, Dominic Keating, who is sufficiently British and cute to make it worthwhile:


But it also has a goodly quantity of stuffed-shirt, totally square, annoying, self-satisfied, gratuitously curvy Vulcans.  Like her:


So frustrating.  So annoying.  So…Vulcan.  Oh well.  But, it isn’t that I get bad dreams from the Vulcans.  It’s the rock people.  And the irradiated humaniods.  And stuff like that.  Unlikely things that originated in someone else’s imagination and are therefore easily able to find a home in mine.  Ugh.

I prefer my own TV.  Not scary.  Who’s going to get nightmares about another person’s inability to throw away the garbage?

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  1. ahhh the irradiated humanoids scare me too! My husband looooves Star Trek, it's on in our house pretty frequently! I can totally relate! :)

  2. two things: 1) you get nightmares about not throwing things away. I do recall an "anti-horder plan" for deployment ;) lol
    2) if you imbed photos via a URL, then when the people click on them, it goes to the original source ;) (Not sure if this is good enough for your straight-laced, school-based, credit-giving goal... but it's good enough for me! ;-P)

  3. Vulcans should not be "gratuitously curvy." That's illogical. ;)

    The Original Series will always be a favorite memory of summer childhood--every day at 11am on Channel 59. I remember the Next Generation's first few seasons and learning to drink Earl Grey because of Picard. However, there are episodes from both that I will. not. watch. again. because I know they will give me nightmares even now. ;)-