Monday, May 19, 2008

Prozac is a funny looking word.

I lied. I now have to change my life around to make room for the Marine Corps. No more three weeks of blissful downloading. Instead, I have four days to get ready for work--real work--in the Big Kid world. Does anyone out there read this blog anymore, or is it just an outlet for lonely little me?


  1. No one reads this. You are ranting at a brick wall

    -Brick Wall

  2. Oh my gosh. I miss you, man.

  3. I read it. . .

    If you EVER POST!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Jen. Sorry about the newly imposed craziness. That seems to be what happens in the military, but you know what they say--"There's something about a man in a uniform."

  5. For what it is worth, when I remember the address I read it. I also use your blog as a handy collection of all those other blog addresses I can't be bothered the memorize.