Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Job!

Yup. I'm actually employed, at last. I go down and work three days a week for thie nice guy who runs a music instruction studio. Tuesday I sorted through a couple hundred defunct registration sheets.

Yesterday I spent four solid hours in Microsoft Excel, entering name after name after address after address after instructor after home phone after cell phone after zip code after age after instrument after instrumtn.

Today will be even more interesting, I'm sure. Will keep you posted--sorry about not blogging much lately.


  1. Great!!

    Hey, pray for me that I find a job soon will'ya? I'm getting that "you really should think about working at GP again this summer" spiel from the parentals. And you know the weight they can put behind something like that. oy

  2. Ugh. GP. Wheee!

    I'll pray. I've been applying to scholarships all morning. Blah.

  3. Congratulations. I get to ride a subway to my job. I can just feel your envy from here.

  4. I eat subways on the way to my job.

    That wasn't envy, Mark. Maybe a little indigestion, perhaps, but not envy.

  5. Mark, you are weird sir. And of whom would ever envy you? They are the weirder.