Monday, June 12, 2006

Lesson learned.

Hmm. Discovered last week that 'your mom' jokes are singularly ineffective when used upon one's own parent. Particularly one's female parent. Oh well. This, my friends, is why trends die.

In other news, I've unearthed another terrific old religious print and rescued it from a rather unappreciative antiques vendor. Woot! Can't wait to show it off to all and sundry--St. Nicholas in western (!) iconographic glory. There's so much symbolism in this thing I can't decipher, though. Unearthing the code (pun and lousy, corny joke intended) will be entertaining.

Look for me to blog no sooner than next tuesday, when I'll return home from MD. In the meantime, go visit the posse...there's scary people over there.


  1. I've found that your mom jokes work ESPECIALLY well on one's female parent. I mean, really. What is there to say?

    The Georgia apartment hunt continues...

    Call me, some of you blasted Friendish type people.

  2. I agree. Your mom jokes don't work on one's female parent. Especially not mine.