Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Riddler, the Joker, and

Sorry about that last post. After looking at it all morning, I've finally decided that it needs a teeny bit of explaining, otherwise it just looks somewhat odd.

I think we, as a nation specifically, are two-faced. That's all. I'll betcha that Planned Parenthood and all its evil stepchildren will jump all over this 'new initiative' in order to advance the impression they put out there of themselves as concerned about women and children's health.

Makes me ill.


  1. They would. What can you do to battle such deception? Planned Parenthood presents such a pristine, united front about 'caring' about health issues, and the lies are just so huge that people don't even see them anymore.

  2. Besides the whole Planned Parenthood thing, so many people out there tell us how to get fit, stay healthy, lose weight, etc. that I just ignore all that stuff. I know what it takes to stay in shape and I do that. Besides, why go to the trouble to 'think pregnant' when I'm not yet ready to marry and don't even date!!

  3. Yes, two-faced is the proper term, but also utilitarian. They use the words pregnant, children, unborn child only when it suits their needs, like keeping their own health and life. Otherwise, they use empty, mechanical terms when it might just make them feel their guilt to use the proper terms.

  4. Somebody's been listening to Dr. S. about utilitarianism... (-;

    Just kidding. Addy's got it about right, I think.