Monday, May 08, 2006

Dat dere wallflower...

Well, folks, it has happened. Twenty years of Christendom College history have gone up in flames. According to a reliable source, I've been informed that The Wallflower has been burned to death in Kelly's Field, and it now no more.

Once upon a time, a particularly hideous and unique bit of artwork surfaced at Christendom, which became dubbed 'the wallflower' as young men would dress up and bring the oversized print with them to dances, as their 'date', and sit by the wall with it rather than dance. At some uncharted point, the ladies of the campus stole the flower. The gentlemen stole it back. So on and so forth. Somewhere back along those twenty years the idea was conceived to sign the back of the painting, if you were lucky enough to get possession of it, and hide it for the nect generation to unearth.

The wallflower last legitimately surfaced at homecoming of this year, when two alumni hid the thing in the attic crawlspaces of Regina Coeli. A freshman, aspiring to the class presidency for next year, unearthed it and included it in his campaign. Several property abductions, two fights, and a cut finger later, some unidentified individual decided that the Wallflower wasn't worth the fuss it was causing, and burned it.

So much for that.


  1. Wow. Some piece of news that. Much more interesting than anything I've heard yet today.

  2. So sad that a tradition had to be destroyed because of some firey tempers.

  3. Yeah...

    So, who has more info on exactly what happened? I heard that juniors, seniors, and freshmen were involved.

    Anyone gonna rat?

  4. I was there myself, for part of the story. Really, it wasn't that big a deal -- until the next day somebody decided to burn the da--darn thing thing.

    There was a bit of a scuffle for it one night, some people sprained their wrists or broke their glasses, and the next day some other people, wanting to make a statement about how it "wasn't worth people getting hurt," burned the thing. I still don't know who did it -- a large group of people, I think.