Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Getting back into the shuffle of things...

Yes, yes. The major general comes...

Actually, it's just summertime. Time for me to kick back, spend way too much time on the couch, and blog about all things. If you all want to wait until I get my company sent home, I'll promise to post something interesting next week.


  1. I like the new pic. Does 'something interesting' include pics from the G and S play??

  2. For some odd reason the links aren't showing up when I come to Midnight. In fact, nothing is showing up but the header and postings. Are you revamping the site or is it my computer?

  3. Wait! Just found the missing pieces and answered my own question. My computer is shifting the links to the very bottom of the page. Looks like I'm going to have to pull out the sledge hammer and give this computer a good whack. :p

  4. I shifted the justification on the sidebar inadvertently, but left it because it still looked okay. However, if you're having trouble with it I'll try and replace the original setting and see if it quits bothering you.