Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Smell the color nine...

Sigh. School is such a drag. Classes, schedules, things like It interrupts college life so very terribly!

On a lighter note, I've decided that living in a dorm with a bunch of girls is a lot of fun. We stayed up until almost 10 having a "hall meeting," which mainly consisted of making or drinking cappucino and all talking loudly at the same time. It was good. Of course, so was the prank call to our good buddy Joe, but that's a dufferent kind of good. It was rather a "is he laughing really hard, or did that sound more like a coronary?"

My theology professor greeted me before class with, "Ah, Miss P, you're the audiophile, are you not? Because I seem to have two copies of Bach's Christmas Oratorio in my colllection, and I have the extra in my car to give to you."

I love school. It adds so much to college life! The classes, the schedules. They're all so wonderful.


  1. Talk about a mood swing! Wow what a turn around!

    (Danica ducks as textbook, flung by good friend, flies across continental US)

    Huh, Dad used to call me Danica Duck.

    Jenn, kick me off this thing until I return to normal!

  2. Jenn, you're awesome and I love you!

  3. Now, if only little sophomores wouldn't let their academics get in the way of their blogging..