Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dixit domine...

I'm not sure why that particular snippet of Latin is the title of this post. Mainly, it just sounded cool. Latin is that way sometimes. It sounds very cool. I see much Latin in my future.

Christmas break is winding down for me. Next weekend, I'll be back at school, frantically searching for all the rest of my books, making sure I know what classes I'm even registered for, and getting used to all those school people again. (Schnykies...the 'o' button on my computer is really dying now. It hardly works at all.) I'll also be moving furniture again, if all goes well. So far, my roommate (or roommates) and I haven't managed to return from a single break without in some way, shape, or form, rearranging the woodstuffs in our room. I don't just mean the little bookcases or something like that, either. I'm talking about the big Correlian ships; beds, dressers, desks, etc.

Anyway, this week I get to visit the dentist and buy a new notebook and things like that. Little items of housekeeping before the long hard road to May is embarked upon. My sister, I think, will in some small way be glad I'm gone. Maybe then I'll stop borrowing her clothes. All her socks have holes in them, by the way, and I didn't put them there. My brother will be glad, in some small way, because it means the keyboard will be at home once more and he can get back to writing music. I don't know about my parents. I haven't asked yet. (-:


  1. The word is out.. the first wave of Walter-sanctioned Christendom grades have been opened.. the rest should follow shortly this week.

    Ha! I've got you one up.. I arrive on-campus Saturday.. I don't know my: courses, grades, roommate(s), dorm, room number, mailbox number, proctor, or anything else that may seem important to a college student.

  2. Ha!!!!

    I'm waiting in anxious non-anxiety for me grades.