Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Can she bake a cherry pie?

Yes, she can, evidently, to her great shock and surprise. It's sitting up there on the stove, looking very cherryish. One can only hope that it tastes cherryish. We'll see later, when the ravening horde (okay, there's only two of them) of family members arrives to taste the wares. The final test...the final countdown.

I want to watch Star Wars again.


  1. You know, even if they hate it because you can't bake, just be thankful that you have the supplies needed to bake.

    The last time I attempted to bake (within the month) I ended up emptying the house of sugar (and I'd rather not know when the sugar was bought) both regular and brown, had to adjust the recipe to accommodate the fact I only had 1/2 cup regular sugar and 1 cup brown sugar even though the recipe wanted the reverse.. AND because of issues with the expiration of the baking powder, double the quantity was added.. AND because of non-replenishment, no vanilla was added.. AND because of stock issues, two types (or was it three) of flour were used..

    We now have sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla. But ma don't want me to bake no more.. go figure that one out.

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmm cherry pie. That's one kind i've never tried, mostly because Dad favors Apple. But I have made mincemeat and my uncle Greg loved it. He's a mincemeat pie connoiseur.

  3. I'm thinking of going on a baking spree tomorrow. If I do it right, I'll have cookies and blondies and such to eat for dinner and breakfast and lunch over the weekend.. Besides, I "need" to use the sugars and the vanilla that we bought..

    That is, I'll bring them if I pack properly and have room for them..