Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stuff and nonsense.

I've been alerted to a very interesting blog, which has some neat insight from a Marine currently in Iraq. I thought it was cool.

Yep. And the quarter is winding down and fall break begins at 0920 tomorrow morning. I'm excited. My dear widdle roommates are coming home with me for the week, and we're going to get to go see them nuns from the sidebar, and all sorts of good things are going to happen.

Right now, though, I'm waiting for my fmaily to arrive from their long and arduous drive, at which point I will greet them, send them to their hotel, and promptly head inside to throw a party for roommate number two. At midnight. Considering the fact that I got up at 5 this morning, that really counts for something. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm being psychotically wierd right now, which means I should probably run back and pack my little self up so's I can leave in the morning. Yeah....bye. I'll probably blog over break while I'm writing all those papers that are due.

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  1. Yes, go pack. Have a nice break dear and try not to drive your parents too crazy.