Sunday, October 30, 2005

The fray's the thing...

Argh. I've been going through all the dresses which I custodyed (is that a verb now?) for Oktoberfest, and and so sad to find a few in need of repairs. Angry is I.

So, it's a beautiful day outside, with trees turning lovely colors and the breeze blowing, the temperature just perfectly cool after a few days of bone-chilling rain. Oh, yes. God is good to us here in the mid-southeast-central region. Coast. Thing.

However, all this good stuff does me no good--I'm stuck inside the library working on an exegesis. Wait...what am I thinking? There is the entirety of Macbeth and Othello to be read! Off I go, to a sunnier clime. Exegetical suffering may be deferred to Monday with no alteration to the warranty thereof. Must be 18 or older to play, offer not valid outside the Unuted States, void where prohibited.

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