Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love you, Mom!

This little boy loves him some gramma.  :)  
(and she's not sad in this picture, she's sleepy because she had just finished driving us home after Christmas)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Spy Progressification

There are about 80 steps for each room in getting ready to move, I swear.  The upstairs bathroom is "done," meaning all that's left to do up there is clean it, which of course I'm not interested in doing until next week right before I actually leave.  The downstairs bathroom is "almost done," I have to go through the cabinet and toss/give/use the leftover stuff under there.

There are no paintings or curtains anywhere any more, except in the library.  That curtain is actually installed properly and I need help (and the drill) to get it down.  Every book in the house is on a shelf (yes, this is an accomplishment).  The fridge is denuded of magnets and other accessories. 

And that's it.  That's all that I can check off.  Everything else is in broadly varying stages of undone, some things waiting because I need help, some things waiting because they can't be done while people still live here, and most things waiting because I just don't feel like doing them.  So much work!  So much discipline!

I think I'll transcribe more of Del Valle's journal instead.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. If you only know me by reading the blog, the latest on my brother is that all seems well.  They got a better picture of his condition and it turned out to be a non-serious acute version of a serious genetic condition.  All he has to do is stay super hydrated and follow his new custom PT schedule very carefully.  Apparently a serious leg break back in high school is the likely cause of the whole ruckus.  Our flight surgeon friend said it might be something he completely "grows out of," if the old damage to his leg is properly repaired with professional fitness work.

2. Eleven days to go before I leave, with only eight of those being really usable working days.  Adrienne said many things that I've thought over the last few weeks, but she says them much more poetically than I would have.  My version goes more like "HOLY CRAP I AM SO BEHIND I'LL NEVER GET ALL THIS STUFF DONE AND WOW LOOK AT THESE CUTE KIDS I HAVE WHEN WERE THEY BORN AND HOW DID I GET SO OLD AND RESPONSIBLE HOLY CRAP WE BOUGHT A HOUSE."

3. The finches are obligingly finishing off the last of the nectar in my hummingbird feeder.  I find this bizarre in the extreme, but I appreciate their help all the same...the more they drink, the less I have to pour out and possibly get all over myself when I go out to clean the feeders and pack them away.  Tried several times to take a picture but they move too fast and my phone camera is crummy.  On a relatedly outdoorsy note, when they say to "thin carrots before maturity" they weren't kidding.  Vegetable fail.

4. Dumb America is Dumb.

5. My dear father-in-law is always upping the culture content of our inboxes by passing along really fun stuff, like the photo for today which was labeled "May the 4th be With You!"  I'm all geared up for tomorrow, because he usually sends us this joke, but without the snopes part.  Shows how much I love him, that I remember last year's forwards.  :P

6.  I'm developing a really bad habit of posting the worst grammar/spelling/syntax offenses from my classroom.  It makes for really good Facebook fun, and since I don't know any of the people personally and no one on Facebook can even see their names, I view this as mostly harmless.  Wow, though.  A couple of them are just too much...are they really that ignorant? Or careless?  Or what?

7.  Little boy is pushing two months, which is weird.  It embarrasses and saddens me that I have not taken nearly as many pictures of him as I did of V.  V is partially the cause of this, of course, since now I can't just leave my good camera lying around handy to snap a foto o dos.  Instead it has to stay safely packed away so he doesn't destroy it....ergo fewer pictures of the baby.  :(  But I took a couple good ones yesterday to make up for it.  I just love their eyes.  They have the same eyes, so thoughtful and deep.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Things babywearing is good for: 
1. holding the baby
2. staying very warm

Things babywearing is not good for:
1. everything else

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Still Chugging

Ah, yes.  13 days left in my house.  More than 13 tasks left on my list...blaaaaah.

This morning, instead of one of my tasks, I did two of the workouts from this video:

It's a pain to not be able to do things like pilates, which I think are more effective.  I'll work up to that, but for now, yeah.  Hmm.  Not much pilatesing being done without abdominal muscles with which to pilates.  The best part of this workout is V, who sometimes dances as well, but mainly runs around the perimeter of the room yelling.  Occasionally he pauses to come run into my rear end, bounce off, and run away again yelling.