Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Spy Progressification

There are about 80 steps for each room in getting ready to move, I swear.  The upstairs bathroom is "done," meaning all that's left to do up there is clean it, which of course I'm not interested in doing until next week right before I actually leave.  The downstairs bathroom is "almost done," I have to go through the cabinet and toss/give/use the leftover stuff under there.

There are no paintings or curtains anywhere any more, except in the library.  That curtain is actually installed properly and I need help (and the drill) to get it down.  Every book in the house is on a shelf (yes, this is an accomplishment).  The fridge is denuded of magnets and other accessories. 

And that's it.  That's all that I can check off.  Everything else is in broadly varying stages of undone, some things waiting because I need help, some things waiting because they can't be done while people still live here, and most things waiting because I just don't feel like doing them.  So much work!  So much discipline!

I think I'll transcribe more of Del Valle's journal instead.

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