Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Two years ago, my little guy turned Catholic.  It’s handy, using easy and significant Holy Days of Obligation for your major family feasts.  Hard to forget that way.


There he is, freshly exorcised, with Sancta Risus (who did get her phone call from the nuns!).  Her baptismal day is January 1st, another Holy Day, so we’re trying to set a trend here and only baptize on unforgettable days.

What a sweet little baby.  That was the day I was cantoring High Mass (less than a week out of surgery? why, yes, now that you mention it) and left my Magic Ibuprofen Magicalness at the house.  So my mum had to run out at the Gospel and get it no matter what.  In the rain.  And the cold.  And the wind.  She did, and I got my fix, and no one had to see/hear me off the good stuff, and it just was in general a really good day.  It was a much less frightening entrance into a family than the physical one had been a week earlier, that’s for sure.  :)  (It also got me completely hooked on the old rite of Baptism and already scheming to figure out where in the world I’m going to find a priest to do it here again in March, and not feeling very optimistic about the chances.  I mean, starting outside, salting the kid, draping him in a stole to carry him in the Church…verily, it rocketh.)


  1. OH yes, I remember this story . . . you having a c-section and a week later cantoring for Mass . . . O_O