Monday, September 12, 2011

Fixed Links

Ok.  Here:  Now go there and quit pointing out all my shortcomings.

That one works, I guarantee. I posted on the site today today, too, all about dressing nicely for Mass, and a whole bunch of other stuff that probably has nothing to do with the actual subject I supposedly had at hand.  Oh well.

Also,I finished the paper this morning AND started defumigating Geist with no little amount of success, so it was a productive day after all.  Next task is to get all the copies made for RCIA class, which starts tomorrow.  The new pastor is very hands-on, and I hope that will translate into my commitment to the program being us a much less responsible nature…I need a break!

Finally, over on my sister’s blog she’s posted pictures of her latest retreat at the convent, as well as the exciting news that the Sisters officially gave her the packet to begin her process of “application” to join their community.  I think she’s just a little excited.  Smile

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  1. One little comment! Jeeze!! :-P Very nice articles! Thanks for the updated link mamma of two :-P