Friday, September 09, 2011

7 Respite Takes

I know I’ve been a nonexistent blogger lately, and there are quasi-real reasons for that, but!  I’m going to do Quick Takes today, because if I don’t take a break soon I’ll explode.  So, head over to Jen’s and read her fun and cool takes, then check for more fun things.  Here we go:

UNO ~ Writing a paper on Abraham Lincoln and his use of the “war powers” during the Civil War is proving extremely difficult.  Paper is basically due in three hours, and I’ve put it off and put it off because I just don’t enjoy trying to make a hero of a man who, at least in the very long term, has done grave damage to the country.  To remove the lens of modern experience and see him for “what he was in his own time” is nearly impossible—lauding his work in expanding public works programs, for example, is one of the chief ways his fans demonstrate what a truly society-loving humanitarian he was.  Aack!  No!  Down with government social programs!  Luke!  It’s a trap!  It’s a TRAAAP!!!

TWO ~ Irene came and went, we were in the mid-South for Lee and so got to enjoy that, Katia has handily dissolved herself, and now we’re watching Maria.  Why do we all get this silly idea that hurricanes come in the summer?  They never come in the summer.  They never come when convenient, either.  In the meantime, we’re so happy to have experienced so little damage, especially since none of it at all is a result of water.  The news from further North is not pretty.

DREI ~ Grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast is completely acceptable.  Especially since you refuse to go to the grocery store until all of the trips-out-of-town are over—aaaaand you threw out virtually EVERYTHING that was previously in the house because it spoiled during the first hurricane.  Thank goodness for insurance, but I still refuse to go to the grocery store.

CUATTRO ~ Speaking of going out of town, we’re all very excited this morning to be leaving (uh, as soon as this paper is done…) for a wedding!  Our dear ol’ buddy Andrew is getting married in [very inconvenient] Kansas City, MO.  He’s a great guy, a faithful friend, and it’ll be fun to be at his wedding, since he was at ours all those long, long yeas go.  Also inconveniently, we’ll be making our return flight on September 11th.  Boo.  So, prayers that travel is smooth and safe, please?  Flying with a toddler under normal conditions is tough, but flying with him under “Sir, please don’t touch that” conditions might be considerably tougher.

CINQ ~ For those who did not go to VirtousPla.Net (see now, look how important it was and you just blew it off before) and read the [highly informative] bio my husband put on there, I am announcing to the blog that I am, in fact, again “in the family way.”  Medical examination has unequivocally found that, in March, another Mazzara will grace the world with loud opinions, bad hair, and unwavering brand-faithfulness to Kraft and General Mills.  I expect it will look a little like this one, only perhaps female (I’m determined to not find out this time…we’ll see how long I last):


SEKS ~ After a disappointing summer, it looks like Round #2 of my garden is actually going to be a garden, and not a petting zoo buffet.  All of the plants now have either fruit or the beginnings of fruit (in the general sense, they’re actually all vegetables), including the two tomato plants “planted” by the creatures that came and stole Round #1.  I think this is funny, that half the plants that are now bearing were put there by the animals who stole the whole stash back in June.  So anyway.  The overachiever of the plot is the Jalapeno plant, which is a little inconvenient.  I’m beginning to see a pattern of inconvenience in my life.

ZEVEN ~ I’m back into the swing with piano lessons now.  Only one family has not had their “first lesson back,” and when they’re in the slot I’ll have a full complement of 32 students.  Yay!  Now the task is to kindly and gently start sending them toward a new teacher, since I’m going to be done done done in six months.  Also, Murphy’s Law demands that we will also move to a new duty station at the same time.  Either way, no more lessons.  I’ll be unemployed.  I’ll be a useless drag on my husband and his single income.  It’ll be fabulous.


  1. "...petting zoo buffet..." Oh, good one! Hope you are feeling well.

  2. SOme takes back at-cha ;-P See if you can figure out which ones they're in response to :-P
    Good Luck with V
    Jalapeno Poppers can be easier than anticipated - Combine cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese with cumin and/or chili powder till it's yummy... cut jalapeno's in half and de-seed and de-rib them carefully... fill with cream-cheese goo (it'll be more like play-doh consistency probably... roll cream-cheese side in seasoned panko, spray with oil (from a can, or if you're fancy, one of those "misters" for regular oil) and pop in the oven until the panko browns a bit (the oil is required for that), the jalapeno starts to shrivel and the cheese gets ooey gooey. Forget the egg-baths and everything else... these are easier and yummy.
    You can retire too!! :-P

    AND, I could get none of your links to work. :-/ Said the pages didn't exist... I dunno.