Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Return to the Dark Side

Yes, I got back on Facebook. (1) To check up on babies and marryings. (2) Because my husband kept yelling at me for using his account to stalk people. If I "unfriended" you at my return (which I did to over 200 friends) please don't be hurt. I was trying to take off people that I don't ever, ever, ever talk to you. If you were purged, just refriend me. I won't ignore you. I promise. I probably didn't mean to unfriend you in the firse place. Please forgive me!!!


Happy Easter and such. I've got family visiting this week, then we're off on a Griswold journey to NYC (ugh) and other points north the following week. After I get back, hopefully I'll have a few moments to detail the finer points of liturgical minor-disaster that befell the poor chaplains this weekend. Like I always say, never leave the choir unattended.


  1. wow - 200? I only got rid of 30 in my "friend's I don't remember anymore" purge :-P