Saturday, February 06, 2010

File Under "Other"

Found this great video linked on Meredith's blog. The next generation of filmmaking at Christendom (no offense to the Handycams and Cybershots of my class and before) is just, well, amazing. And funny. :) Too bad the billions aren't in hand to make full-length features.

Also, we've reached new lows in the world of sports. As a cranky mommy who doesn't even want her kid to play football until he's fifteen or sixteen, this is just silly.

Bought a book from The Strand today, in honor of big brother. Hope it comes on time.

Finally, don't get creeped out by all this. Only 16 hours (give or take a day, darn embark schedule) before my spouse is supposed to be free to come home. So I'm killing time. Really killing it. It's infuriating for him to be that close and yet still not close enough.

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