Saturday, February 06, 2010

Brave Chicas Club: The Rules

So, another insane young woman who has decided to tether her horse to the military wagon called me yesterday. Not only does she love and cherish her spouse, she's willing to move cross-country with him while eight months pregnant. She wants to know "did I like the doctor that delivered my baby?" I did. The photo is not related to that fact. (Partially because the doctor pictured is, in fact, a dentist. A dentist did not deliver my baby.)
The photo goes with the insane young woman who emailed me last week. She wants to know "if I have any advice for getting married right after graduation and going straight into the Marines?"
So, this is for her. I present: The Rules
#1: Always have a sense of humor. See photo.
#2: Never fall in love with the plan.
#3: When you have fallen in love with the plan after all, retain a sense of humor when it screws you over.
#4: Assume your husband forgot it, didn't know about it, or failed to make a copy of it.
#5: Don't buy any furniture that you can't move alone (even while pregnant).
#6: Oh heck, don't buy any furniture at all.
#7: Make many accquaintances within the unit--if they don't become your BFsF, that's fine.
#8: Thank God for the random person with whom you did happen to become good friends.
#9: Learn everything you can about your husband's job (even if this is very little because he's doing Secret Squirrel Stuff).
#10: Learn how the military system works on your own (i.e. without spousal aid), including the acronyms, the bureacracy, the benefits, the drawbacks, the free stuff, the complementary programs, and how to correctly spell bureaucracy.
Stay tuned for details on each rule. And more dentist photos, if I can find them.


  1. WHY can't I get these hard returns to show up???? I've redone the script, I've changed the template, I've altered the settings.....AAAAAAAGH!

  2. I love the rules!!! Hahaha! The "Heck, don't buy furniture at all." Great stuff, Jenn! :)