Tuesday, June 23, 2009

World's Most Expensive Stroller

"The most expensive baby stroller in the world is the Dreamer Design Axiom. Available in blue or red, this is a sturdy (200 lbs.) and versatile stroller. Sporting the usual options – washable fabric, reclining seat, and storage basket, it also comes with a 20-year-warranty. It has an on-board hand and foot brake, adjustable handle, various lanyards and harnesses, and even a water bottle holder. The most expensive single baby stroller in the world for just $1,219."
The article is slightly off base, in that strollers for triplets (and higher multiples) can run into the three and four thousands pretty quick, but for a "put your One Kid in it" stroller, this was the winner. Sick, eh? Also, who on earth would want a 200lb. stroller?


  1. 200lbs or supports up to 200lbs? Either way, it's unnecessary...

  2. I couldn't say...good point, though.

  3. Have you seen the strollers that are like a car seat with wheels and a handle (kind of like a luggage handle)? So you can take the car seat (and kid) out of the car or off a plane and unfold the wheels and pull up the handle and you have a stroller. Seems pretty sweet to me.