Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Terminator: Slavation

I spelled it that way on purpose. Since the first time I saw a commercial or walked by a poster, I've only been able to read the word that way. Sorry.

Still, there's a vague kind of irony in calling it "Slavation" if you spend time around people who are, indeed, slaves to the culture of going to see movies. Good movies, bad movies, fair-to-middlin' movies all get their share of eyeball time from a certain group of people, simply because they want to see it. Maybe because they've "always" gone to see movies on opening night, and they feel honor bound to continue the tradition. Maybe because "everyone else" is going. Maybe not.

How come this thing happen? How come? Why don't they only go to see movies that are good, that they've checked into beforehand, that they really feel will add something to life? I mean, I've seen my share of lemons in the last 20 years, but they've been rented or borrowed or otherwise cheaply obtained--I don't pay $20 to take myself on a date ($40 if we eat something) in order to walk out two hours later and so, "Well, that was a waste of time."

How come this happen?


  1. I realize upon a re-read that those without senses of humour will see this as saying "if you don't spend a lot of money on a lousy movie, it's okay to see it." Not my point at all, but oh well. I'm not feeling up to the task of rewriting.

  2. It's more a matter of why bother going to see a lousy movie at all. Is it really worth getting out of bed?

  3. As a general rule, I agree. I almost never go see movies in the theater, mostly because I'm poor, but also because a lot of them aren't worth it. Colin and I don't even usually rent from the new releases, we are just that stingy when it comes to movies. However, opening night for the new Star Trek was a must. That added much to our lives.