Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quiet on the Eastern Front

Sorry for being gone...a long time. Many company was come. Now all are gone, and it's just me and Mr. Kitty again. (Peace! Quiet! Wow!) Well, me and Mr. Kitty, and Lil' Critter. Lil' Critter is making me sick again today, too. Ugh.

Okay, doggie is pictured below. And she was driving me something near to 'round the bend, in case my last post didn't convey that. Thus, my very wonderful husband, declaring that he loved me more than the dog, agreed to start looking for a new home for Bella. I wasn't up to the 24/7 training aspect, nor to the go-out-at-night-in-the-cold-and-rain-for-business aspect. Nor would I be free to travel and visit him this summer. All these things added unto one another, and lo and behold the Great Miracle happened. Joe's younger brothers find out we have a dog, find out we're looking for a new home, and go "ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ohh ohh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh !!!!! WE WANT THE DOG!!!!! PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASE!!!!!" So Bella left this morning, along with sisters and brothers and mothers-in-law, and headed north to PA. A happy ending for all. In fact, the brothers who did not visit have been steadily texting since Tuesday morning, wanting to know "when r u cming home???" They're very excited to have a dog. I'm very excited that now my house will not smell like a dog, that I don't have to walk her any more, and that my cat can now leave the upstairs bathroom with impugnity.

Not much else going on. I ought to be cleaning the house, really going at it from stem to stern, but it's raining and a little chilly, so I don't feel like moving around. Laundry and dish washing machines are operating in the other room, and that's just going to have to be sufficient domestic activity until further notice. *Yawn.* Maybe I'll nap.


  1. Lil Critter? Are you expecting? Did I know this? I'm an old man, and I might have forgotten.

  2. !... That dog has been cut in half!

  3. Cut in half? What??

    Yes, Anthony. But I hadn't actually told anyone in a broadcast-style online fashion as yet, so props for being observant. :) I figure the smart people will figure it out on their own in time, and the dumb people will figure it out when they get invitations to little league games.