Monday, June 23, 2008

A done deal

And the great event having passed with glory, pomp, and circumstance, the princess rode with her knight into the east, decidedly against the trend of history and legend. They reflected with chagrin upon the rank disobedience of their vassals in liberally festooning the chariot with creme de shave and streamers, but bliss soon carried them beyond such considerations. With lightning and thunder preceding their arrival by only moments, the princess and the knight passed with haste from the chariot to the castle, wherein they passed the night in peace and safety. The next morn, the castle gatekeeper inquired anxiously as to where the princess and the knight had been two evenings previous--a date for which he believed they had a reservation. The princess looked aghast at the homely keeper, whilst the knight shook his head in gentle dismay. "Nay, good peasant," said the knight, "for we were married but yestereve. There would be no cause for our presence before then...surely you are mistaken." Thus it happened that the gatekeeper had cause to check his records and correct the mistake, to the great relief of the princess.

Thus endeth chapter one.


  1. Love it!

    "Having summarily disposed of this humble peasant, the knight and his princess went upon their merry way, and that is the last we've seen of them."

  2. Great pic!! Glad to see/read/hear things are going well for you two!:D

  3. Why Jen, you should write Arthurian legends!

  4. "But Father, I *told* you he was an Ancient Undead Chinese Warrior..."

    I love the picture, Mrs. M.!