Friday, December 29, 2006

Love Begins with a Dream

"Written on the heart of every person, begins Archbishop Sheen, is the image of the Love of their life. This is how we can claim to experience "love at first sight"; we have known that special someone all our life, in the form of that image inscribed within us. God, too, has within Himself blueprints of everything in the universe, and so there is an archetypal idea of every living thing on the planet.

"There is actually only one person in all humanity of whom God has only one picture, and in whom there is a perfect conformity between what He wanted her to be and what she is, and that is His own Mother. She existed in the Divine Mind as an Eternal Thought before there were any mothers. She is the world’s first love. Indeed, the very first announcement of the "good news" in salvation history, made immediately after the fall of Adam and Eve, mentions the Mother: "I will establish a feud between thee and the woman, between thy offspring and hers; she is to crush thy head, while thou dost lie in wait at her heels." (Gen.3:15)

"God specially chose her for this mission, and made it clear that just as a woman was the cause of the fall, so a woman would be the ‘cause’ of redemption. This woman, His Mother, was not like ours, whom we accepted as something historically fixed, which we could not change; He was born of a Mother whom he chose before He was born."

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  1. I love the way that man puts things. that middle paragraph was like watching a movie where everyone's in trouble and the hero has a brilliant idea which he couches in unintelligable hints, then runs off to accomplish.