Friday, December 15, 2006

It looked even worse in person.

Hmm. Such a sad and lonley little blog. Somehow, with life going on in the background, I'm finding less and less time to write. However, this doesn't mean I have ceased to think odd things, do stupid things, or ask dumb questions. Here are three examples, or proofs, for the existence of me:

1. I ate spice cake for lunch. Basta. Then I had skittles for dessert.

2. I yelled "touchdown!" at my brother's basketball game tuesday night. This was, admittedly, largely done on purpose and for effect, but the resulting looks told me that the humor of my faux intelligence was lost on the crowd. Sitting in an unheated gym does that to people.

3. I wondered to myself whether Huxley intended to bash, or to resign himself to, the 'social system' which built itself on abortion, cloning, genetic engineering, and widespread promiscuity. Until, that is, I remembered that he wrote the dang book about half a century before half of those things were widespread, and before some of them were even thought of as possible.

Yes, sports fans, I'm going out of my mind. Which reminds me of another direction to which I can ramble. Basketball! I have been to more basketball games in the last two weeks than in the entire rest of my life. Last night, in fact, I was feeling comfortable enough with the game to start yelling my own opinion to the coach, the players, the refs, and the concession lady. Finer points still escape me ( how do you tell what kind of a foul it was, or how many from each time line up at a foul shot?), but on the whole it's a very interesting game. Still high stress, though. It goes so fast!

I can't think of where my next ramble went. I should probably write about my grand adventures in Europe. Tune in next week.


  1. Glad to know you're back to normal. I was getting worried because there were no random posts popping up.

  2. What, wasn't the once-a-month sentence random enough?

  3. *sigh* I miss basketball. And football. Not so much with the wrestling. I never did get into that. I was in pep band, so I was at ever home game for four years and suddenly nothing. Atheltics at Christendom just don't cut it.