Wednesday, July 05, 2006


It seems to have been a year since Ambrose emailed me, informing me that he had either an annuerism or some other kind of potentially fatal brain condition. Those were not pleasant days, I assure you. It turned out, at the end, that he had a small (almost inoperable) tumour in the center of his brain. It would either have to shrink by August 2005, or be removed by way of very risky surgery.

It went away.


God is really very cool. It's a great testament to the power of intercessory prayer--there were certainly enough of us praying for miraculous recovery. By the stated August deadline, the tumor (which he had the audacity to name Athena) has shrunk considerably. By December, it had disappeared. So we kept Ambrose, the doctors have a case which just didn't quite fit the medical plausibility criteria, and he's headed out to start learning to be a Marine this very weekend. Such is the way of grace.


  1. In the words of Mother Angelica:

  2. Wow.

    I remember one day he was being ridiclous while I was working at the circulation desk in the library. I was frantically trying to keep him quiet and me employed. I had to talk Laura (my Laura) out of hitting him upside the head with a text book. I figured if he had a brain tumor, he'd have quite a headache. She had missed the memo and felt pretty bad.

    I'm so glad he's doing better. I'm sure he and Andy will be having lots of fun being Marines. Now that he's better, I will tell Laura she can finish that swing with her Spanish book. :P

    But seriously, he's been in my prayers. So have you, my dearie.

  3. Keeping him quiet can be great fun, sometimes, huh?

    You behave, Phantom. I'll see you in a few weeks.

    Whimsey...just...stay where you are. Like, don't move.

  4. Why shouldn't I move?? You're not the boss of me. I can move when I want! :p