Monday, September 12, 2005

All at once, well met

Went into the big big city this afternoon to pick up my glasses. (Big big translating roughly to 'small.') We were being all silly, roommate and I, walking across the parking lot trying on sunglasses and eating Pringles and trying to see who could walk the fastest despite their respective handicaps--high heels for her and a very long skirt for me. We made it, though, articles of clothing notwithstanding, and who should we meet but my own beloved Dr. S..

Imagine! The poor man's wife broke her toe this morning, which caused our classes to get cancelled (one's wife needs a little aid when there are three little ones under four in the house), and so we were pleasantly surprised to see him in town. With him was baby, a very sweet and fuzz-headed tot with a big smile for roommate. No smile for me. I'm not smile-at-able, I think. Anyway, it was really fun to see him with his little one. He smiled and laughed and played with her while roommate was holding her, and as he took her back he winked. Winked! A man who winks at his five month old is so totally smitten.

Life is beautiful.

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