Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I Shall Update Thee

But only briefly.  Like, I'll do quick takes until I run out of takes.

1. We're moved in to our house and it's awesome and lovely and full of stuff.  We triaged the boxes so it looks livable and cozy, except that if you open the closets you see much less livability and cozyness.

2.Wicked hot out there.

3. Also a thunderstorm.

4. Canceled the home internet in an effort to become more attuned to the modern culture.  This could slow blogging, but since we're basically already at a stop in that department I'm not too worried.

5. Hosting a tupperware party this month, my first ever.  It's been four months since I had a party of this type, which is about my normal span before going boing and having to buy a bunch more stuff that I prolly don't need.

6. Also a thunderstorm.

7. Discovered the other day that one of my two remaining classes won't be offered again until October, so I gave myself the rest of the summer off and probably will choose an elective to start in September.  No word yet on that will cause reevaluation in the internet department.

8. Started doing a modified Dave Ramsey money thing, more accurately titled "who can go the longest without spening any money."  We're both losing at the moment.  Too many trips, thunderstorms, weddings, promotions, visitors, and children to make this an easy task.  I guess it isn't supposed to be easy?

9. All done.  Email me if you want to buy some tupperware.  If enough gets bought through my party, apparently I get a free kitten or something.

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