Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not Your Nana's Sales Representative

Once upon a time, those persons who are paid to help you spend money you don't have were trained about how to do their job well. This training included, but was not limited to, teaching young persons how to arrange sellable items in appetizing fashions. Falling until "not limited to" were things like personal appearance, attitude, customer interaction, and ability to do subtraction without a computer.

The last went the way of the dinosaur about the time Cortez discovered Disneyland, but the other items in the list lasted until more recently. I thought. After all, I learned them when I worked in retail, and that wasn't too long ago. However. Comma.

After a fabulously enjoyable two days of shopping with my mom, I've decided that only grumpy, overly-made-up, poorly clothed, English-butchering chicks are hired by retail entities. No eye contact? No smile? No "Hello!"? No "What the fajita can I do for you?"? Nope. No nothing, in fact, but my being treated to the conversation above mentioned chick is having with her companion chick (sometimes a man-chick, which is a subject for another post) about hail, nails, altering surgeries, school grades, or whateverthehellelse she wants to talk about.

Sigh. My Nana would not approve.

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