Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Score: Dirty Dishes - 1; Me - 0

Well, after talking and talking and failing to knock on wood, I've found a smell that makes me sick. Oh well. My allergy medication must be working, because that sour milk was the first thing I've really smelled in two months.

Can anyone tell me why there are no fingernail clippers in the house?? Someone I know can't leave home without a pair, and it looks like he left home with every single one we owned. I know for a fact there are two in his car...just in case he needs to do both hands at once.

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  1. My dad would accumulate fingernail clippers in his car and then somehow lose them all, and he would make the very same complaint you make about there being none in the house. On Monday, I bought emery boards. Filing one's nails is surprisingly therapeutic, and you never have to worry that a guy will take the nail files away!