Thursday, September 11, 2008

Desist radio silence.

Yeah, yeah. I've been bragging to everyone about how I was going to keep up with blogging this year, and I haven't done it. Well, it isn't my fault this time. Everything was going great and I was all geared up to finish the yearbook--more of a priority than blogging right now--and I was within sight of the end, when Joe got a garrison billet that took the computer away from me for nearly three weeks!!! My own poor lappie is dying the slow, agonized death that Dells die, so I was bereft of life, liberty, and internet access for that whole time. This prevented my doing anything of particular use, except for cleaning the house some more, making Christmas presents, and writing many letters to friends and family at OCS, at BASIC, in jail, on Cowboy Ranches, or wherever else my friends and family happen to be.

Now, I've got the computer back, I've got my groove on, and it's time to work on the yearbook. I'll be back when it's done, I promise! I hope to have a solid readership again before I start going really interesting places...

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  1. That's all you had for a 9/11 post. Where's your patriotism? Shame.


    PS. I'm violating your copyright:

    God Bless.