Wednesday, August 06, 2008

National Review

The rest of Joe's birthday present came today, and I proceeded to spend a solid hour and a half reading it nearly cover to cover (I haven't quite reached the back page). This cartoon came from a back issue, and I'm using it (hopefully not illegally) without the proper permissions. Maybe they'll forgive me because the post as a whole is a rousing endorsement for the publication.
I love the National Review. It's nice and round in it's conservatism, generally unapologetic about things like being Catholic and calling homosexuality wrong, and it devoted almost five complete pages to an article on the crumbling Anglican Church, and how its renaissance is taking place in Africa. Down there (shock! gasp!) people are really going strong for orthodox, no-holds-barred, go-back-to-confession types of Catholicism, and the Catholic Lite church is no different. Highly conservative bishops from many African dioceses evidently met on their own, a month before the deci-annual Lambeth Conference, to discuss the alarming trends of Paganism in the older (read = European) sectors of their denomination.
At Lambeth, nothing more substantive than "dialog" was on the menu, whereas the African church leaders were driving hard for a plan to create a new Anglican denomination, to properly house all those fringe parishes that have been splitting left and right, only to find themselves in a magesterial limbo. The article is quite informative, and I recommend that you find yourself a copy of the magazine and read it for yourself. If you live in any large city, or in California, it'll probably be in the "foreign language" section.

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