Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I think it was Facebook that killed the blogs of people like me--people who used a blog as a means of sharing bits about one's life with one's friends. I mean, I was never on here to write anything particularly interesting, nor to share creative work. It was just a vehicle to share stuff.

I think I like this vehicle better than the new one. I should really come back to this older, more traditional, more intellectually demanding style of communication. I should. This teaches me to write, to put cogent thoughts in order, and doesn't involve throwing any objects at anyone else. Nor does this send updates about my life to anyone and everyone who ever lived. On the contrary, if they want to know how I'm doing, they have to come here and find out.

I like that.

I'm putting it on my Facebook.


  1. You should keep the blog up. Its a nice way to vent, even if everyone can read it.

  2. Oh, right. Obviously, you're just interested in learning all the deep, dark, murderous secrets of my innermost soul.

  3. You can feed the blog into Facebook. I personally hate Facebook; the communication it fosters feels kind of cheap to me, though it's kind of become a necessity, and there are things I can do with it I can't do otherwise.

    Also, Ibid just doesn't want to be the last Christendom blog left standing.

    God Bless.